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Camp Husky partners with the best brands in the industry to increase awareness of top-notch food, gear, and supplies.

Food & Treats:

Open Farm

Primal Pet Food

Vital Essentials

Summit Antler Chews



Stunt Puppy









West Paw



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Food & Treats

We love Open Farm! This brand is known for it's ethical and sustainable products that are #1 when it comes to the best possible food for our Siberian Huskies, Apache & Delta.

Their favorite dry food is the Pasture-Raised Lamb Dry Dog Food and their favorite wet food is the Grass-Fed Beef Rustic Stew! Splash a little bone broth on top and they are on Cloud 9!

Oh, and they also love the Open Farm treats -- of course!

If you'd like to try it out and save 15%, use the CAMPHUSKY promo code!

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A wild approach to raw food

Primal's mission has been focused on elevating the health of pets through species appropriate nutrition. As passionate Husky owners, we understand the care and concern that goes into choosing a source of nutrition for our companions and we love products that make it easier than ever to keep your Apache and Delta's diet as close to nature as possible.

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Let's talk treats. For Delta, it’s the Vital Essentials Bully Sticks Freeze-Dried Grain Free Treats that do the trick.

These nutritious snacks are 100% natural and always get our Huskies super excited for one of their absolute favorites!

Check them out now and thank us later!

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Apache and Delta both love gnawing antler chews, particularly Summit Antler Chews!

Antler chews are an all natural, healthy, and safe gnawing solution for dogs! Delta can smell the marrow in the middle and is always happy to chew these antlers!

This awesome company is based of Park City, Utah and is simply first class.

Their products come from naturally shed elk antlers found in the Rocky Mountains and provide a long-lasting solution to our high-energy Siberian Huskies.

We give these antlers five stars and highly recommend.

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Stunt Puppy makes first-class gear in the USA (Minnesota to be specific).

Their Scout leash, seen here, is one of our favorite pieces of gear and makes adventuring with Apache & Delta effortless.

If you have a Fi collar, they also make custom bands for them!

The people behind this brand are authentic and always exceptionally helpful!

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Handmade Leashes & Collars

Tuenne is a top-notch, New England based brand that hand makes high quality leashes and collars with climbing rope and carabiners.

The name "Tuenne" pronounced "2N" is derived from the owner, Nicholas Miron, and his dog North.

We rock the Norte slip collar and leash and are huge fans of the quality and craftsmanship.

If you dig their gear and would like to try it out, promo code: CAMPHUSKY20 will save you 20% off the entire order!

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Creatively designed leashes, collars, and harnesses

Wolfgang Man & Beast is exceptionally creative and one of our favorite brands. They regularly drop new colorful designs that are super eye catching and really stand out on Apache and Delta!

The SUNSETPALMS collar and leash combo here are helping Apache manifest warm energy during a fall sunset.

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The world's toughest gear

When you take your dogs exploring, you need an indestructible ruck to store everything in. Water, food, treats, collapsible bowls, cameras, and a 30 pound ruck plate are always safe in GORUCK gear. Pictured here is our daily-driver, the Rucker 4.0.

In April 2020, Apache & Josh completed the GORUCK & Pets for Patriot's 100 mile ruck your dog challenge with the GORUCK GR1 as highlighted by the sweet patch pictured here.

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As our name implies, we love to opt outside.

Camping is an easy favorite of ours and REI makes it easy to find all the functional gear you (or your four-legged friend) need.

Apache & Delta always enjoy camping in the REI Grand Hut 6 tent with us. It's simple to set up, very water resistant, and spacious enough for all four of us! 

Partnerships: Welcome

When it comes to extremely comfortable and easily packable dog beds to accompany us on outdoor adventures, HEST is the absolute best!

We use the large size (44" x 30") for Apache & Delta and they fit perfectly!

Whether it's at a campsite or the beach - we always take the HEST dog bed with us!

Partnerships: Welcome

Bright LED Collars

We love to go on night treks, especially in the summer when it is too hot throughout the day to traverse the terrain with Siberian Huskies.

To ensure they are seen both on the trails and in the neighborhood, we love Blazin' Bright LED Collars. These collars are exceptionally brighter than any other collar we've tried!

Apache's favorite is the orange collar and Delta's favorite is bright blue!

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When hitting trails and campsites is a lifestyle, you tend to get a bit dirty.

Luckily earthbath makes a great solution to remove dirt and odor in between actual baths! Apache's favorite is the Mango-Tango grooming wipes and 3-in-1 deodorizing spritz that naturally deodorizes, conditions and detangles his coat with the fragrance of mangoes that is SO good!

This is essential for your post-adventure return trip.

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